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Corporate Wellness Sessions

(Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Meditation or Laughter Yoga) are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group.

Corporate wellness sessions can be a great way to start your day,  a welcome break or a relaxing end to your busy day. Every session will leave you and your co-workers refreshed, re-energized and ready to deal with your everyday tasks, challenges and projects. You can choose to have the session on-site right in your office, live online or hybrid (on-site with streaming for employees who are working from home).

Corporate Class Types

Yoga – every session is designed to meet the needs of employees and their fitness ability. Participants will move through a series of yoga poses, concentrating on connecting breath with movement and each session ends with relaxation, leaving employees energized and relaxed at the same time. You can choose from traditional Hatha yoga, faster moving Vinyasa flow or Yin Yoga. Duration of the sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes.
Chair Yoga – great session for a workplace that doesn’t have the space for mat yoga or is short on time. Poses and stretches are done in the chair or standing. It is a great session to stretch the whole body and release any physical tension and allow your mind to relax at the same time.
Pilates – is a great exercises if you want to improve your posture, strengthen your core and tone your legs. It is a low-impact mind-body exercise that concentrates on alignment, breath and precise movement. Sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and will leave your feeling stronger and taller.
Guided Mindfulness Meditation – take a short break in your work day and find peace and calm within. Meditation relaxes your body and mind, releases stress and makes you feel more productive and creative. Some benefits of regular meditation practice is improved sleep, mood and overall health and well-being.
Laughter Yoga – enjoy the benefits of laughter in this unique session. By being playful, making eye contact and moving through a series of intentional laughter exercises your laughter will become genuine. A good, hearty laugh from the belly will provide emotional and physical release, removing tension and leaves relaxed.

Lunch and Learns and Workshops

are interactive hour-long seminars that will educate employees and provide practical information and hands-on skills they can apply into their work day or everyday life.

Some of the topics for seminars are:

Stressbusters –

learn different ways to reduce your stress and find balance in your everyday busy life

Chair yoga and stretch –

simple, no-sweat but effective exercises and stretches you can do in your chair or at your desk.

Everyday mindfulness –

learn the benefits of mindfulness and easy tips on how to bring mindfulness into your life.

Meditation for beginners –

New to meditation? Learn the benefits and different meditation techniques and experience short guided meditations.

Healthy eating made simple –

easy tips on how to make your meals more nutritious, healthy and delicious and how to improve your eating habits.

Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

For Employers:

  • increased productivity.
  • better morale and employee engagement.
  • improved recruitment, increased retention, and reduced employee turnover.
  • reduced absenteeism.
  • lower employer benefit cost.
  • enhanced corporate image.

For Employees:

  • Lower stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue.
  • Improved posture and body awareness.
  • Increased strength and flexibility.
  • Improved overall health and well-being.

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