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Private or Small Group Sessions

You can choose from Yoga session, Pilates or guided Mindfulness Meditation.

Private or small group sessions are an excellent way to experience the benefits of Yoga, Pilates or Meditation, track your individual progress, and do it in the comfort of your own home.

Each session is designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your fitness level and ability, and your personal health and goals.

Classes are private and confidential with hands on attention. You choose the day and time of your sessions. You can also decide to practice with your partner or invite a small group of friends to join you.

Private Class Types

Yoga – every session is different and it is designed to stretch your whole body, build some strength and challenge your balance. We will move through series of yoga poses, concentrating on connecting breath with movement and each session is ended with relaxation. I offer modifications for deferent fitness levels and alignment reminders as we move through the practice. You can choose from traditional Hatha Yoga, faster moving Vinyasa flow or Yin Yoga. Duration of the sessions can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes.


Pilates – is a great excises If you want to improve your posture, strengthen your core and tone your legs. It is a low-impact mind-body exercise that concentrates on alignment, breath and precise movement. Sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and will leave your feeling stronger and taller…

Guided Mindfulness Meditation – take a short break in your work day and find peace and calm within. Meditation is a great session to relax your body and mind, release stress and feel more productive and creative. You will feel the benefits of regular Meditation practice in improved sleep, mood and overall health and well-being.

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