My Story:

I started practicing yoga while at university and came back to it after moving to Canada. 

Yoga helped me deal with physical health issues and stress, related to working long hours in the restaurant industry as a chef. I used to practice at least twice a week and yoga became my escape and my rescue.  I wanted to learn more about yoga and I enrolled in yoga teachers training at Sheridan College in Oakville.

I loved the program and at the end of it I was excited to share my passion for yoga with those  around me. To gain confidence I started teaching and practicing with my friends. I would guide them through a yoga session once a week and that helped me find my voice and teaching style. 


I have been teaching since 2011. My teaching style is focused on alignment, breath and feeling what is going on in your body.

I want others to have these experiences through my live online classes and in-person private or corporate sessions.
ivana b

Moving with awareness, listening to your breath, and finding ease in each pose is the main goal of my yoga class.  As I continued to teach and develop a deeper personal practice, I wanted to learn more.  

After having my daughter and experiencing the benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga on myself, I completed a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training program.

In 2019, I started my yoga business – teaching corporate and private sessions. When the Covid pandemic hit I moved to teach online. Through my zoom classes (small groups and corporate) I was trying to help people move, relax and find connection and support.   

I also and continued to expand my fitness and wellness knowledge. I completed Pilates teacher training in 2020, Laughter Yoga leader training in 2021 and Meditation Teacher certification in 2023. I felt the positive impact of yoga and meditation on my body and mind, I love the strength, control and precise movement of Pilates and I truly enjoy the playfulness of Laughter Yoga.

What my Clients say

"Ivana's yoga lessons are truly something I look forward to every week. Her focus and discipline are true to the meaning and spirit of yoga. Instructions are soothing yet strong and effective, and there is always a little something new and refreshing to learn in every class." With much gratitude,
"Ivana is an awesome yoga instructor. I've been doing gentle yoga with her via Zoom for a couple of years and her classes are enjoyable and also very relaxing. She is a knowledgeable and professional yoga teacher. I've benefited so much from her classes!"
Wendy W.
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